Mary Chatzaki


Mary Chatzaki was born in Athens in 1952. She worked in the financial section of the administration of a big industrial company. Since 2002 she has made her permanent home in Antiparos, which both she and her family have come to love like a second home.

As a lover of art, she has been avidly following developments in the Athenian world of art, and has also been an amateur photographer of many years. Since the summer of 2012, in Antiparos, she has been the curator of anti art gallery along with Sophia Alexandropoulou. Since 2005 she has been systematically engaged in the art of photography, attending seminars and photographing mostly anything connected with the island. Through her photographs and the art gallery, she aims to help promote the beauties of Antiparos to Athens and the rest of Greece – and why stop there? At Easter of 2012 she will be participating in the Group Exhibition of anti Art Gallery in Antiparos and in the summer she will be holding her first individual photography exhibition.