Yiannis Adamakis

Saturday 29 July to Sunday 13 August 2017

“Memory”: Painting exhibition

Surrounded by children’s toys, lost in tall rooms. Reminiscent of old flavors, old scents. I thought I heard my mother’s voice calling me  home. I recalled familiar words growing louder while sounds of the road slowly dimmed.

I travelled through dull depictions on the walls, through old music, through implications, through glances.

I indulged in meaningless cheats.

I was anxious about the morning wake-up call to school. About the family celebrations I had to participate. About all my doubts. About all the moments I had to run away from myself.

I wandered on seaside roads. I resigned destinations. I watched as vessels vanished from the horizon.

I felt the presence of an old love, the first touch of hands, the fragrance of a caress.

I immersed myself in the immortality of a Summer’s night.

Then I returned to my boring “mature” thoughts. I kept on observing things from above, shuddering, pretending, sorrowing, but in fact wishing to start my life all over again.


From the exhibition