Voula Priovolou


Voula PriovolouBiography

She was born in Athens in 1949.
1966-1969  Studied Graphic Design at the Athens Technological Institute.
1968 -1970 Studied freehand drawing at Dimitris Kontos’s workshop.

1970-1975  Studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts, taught by Nikos Nikolaou and Giorgos Mavroidis

1977-1979 Attended the “Fresco and Portable Icons Technique” workshop at the Athens School of Fine Arts, taught by Kostas Xinopoulos.
1982 -2009 Taught Fine Arts in secondary education.


1987 “Zygos” Gallery, Athens
1991 & 2001  Gallery “7”, Athens
1999 & 2004 “Anemos” Gallery, Kifissia
2004 Art Athina, “Anemos” Gallery
2011 “Metamorphosis” Gallery, Thessaloniki
2013 “Argo” Gallery, Athens

GROUP EXHIBITIONS [selected shows]:

The artist has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Greece and abroad, some of which were the following:
1987 – Panhellenic Art Show, Athens; Modern Greek Art Show, Sofia, Bulgaria
1988 – Greek Artists in Cyprus.
1993 – “Bridge”: an encounter between Greek and American artists, Citibank, Athens.
1996 – “One-act Plays”, Santa Marina, Mykonos.
1997 – “My Country, a Perpetual Boat”, Kreonidis Gallery, Athens.
1997 – “Pireos Street – Transformations of an Industrial Landscape”, at the old factory of the firm “VIS”, Athens.
2000 – “Art Use”, Diana Gallery, Athens.
2004 – “In Search of the Olympic Idea”, City of Athens Municipal Gallery.
2008 – “History of a Workshop”, Athens Centre for Engraving, City of Athens Municipal Gallery.
2013 – “Sense of Touch”, the AFI collective + Voula, Périple, Brussels