Stratis was born to an Italian mother and a Cretan father in Athens, Greece. Started working as a mother photographer in 1992 for all the mainstream greek publications and in 1997 he moved to London where he expanded his career internationally. Thereafter working with all major advertising and Fashion clients, decided to relocate to New York City in 2000. During the 5 years of his stay in New York, he continued his fashion career with Clients such as Levi’s and Johnny Walker, Macy’s and others. In the spring of 2005, he moved to Paris where he lived for 4 years. Of all the cities he lived in, Paris was the one that defined his career the most. Shortly after arriving in Paris, he started working for numerous magazines from all over Europe including Vogue, L’Officiel, Harpers Bazaar and GQ. Also, his list of advertising clients included known brands like Christian Dior, Pal Zileri, Frankie Morello and others. Finally, in 2009 he moved to Athens in search of better weather. There he kept working for his European clients and returned to his hometown, Athens. Stratis in 2012 decided to move permanently to the small Cycladic island of Antiparos, where he finds peace and time for meditation both work-related and not. In a farmhouse, he and his wife dedicate most of their free time to winemaking, agriculture and a series of creative projects that go from homemade natural soap and candle making to learning the art of “being a farmer”. Stratis has done solo exhibitions in Paris, and Athens, and participated in major art and fashion exhibitions in London, New York and Athens. He is considered one of the most successful photographers of his era, and for 2 years he is the co-publisher of the award-winning magazine “Nakedbutsafe” which is distributed worldwide and deals with fine arts.