Platon Rivellis


Platon Rivellis was born in Athens in 1945.He studied Law in Athens (1963-1968), Political Sciences in Paris (1968-1970) and Photography in the U.S.A (1983). He practised Law in Athens for twelve years (1971-1983). Since 1981 he has been delivering more than 400 seminars and lectures throughout Greece and Cyprus on photography and the cinema. More specifically, he  has been teaching Photography since 1981 in private groups (1981-1987 at Studio Quark, 1988-2002 at the Photography Circle and from 2003 until the present day at the Benaki Museum). At the same time and from 1984 till 1994 he taught Photography at the Mass Media Department of the Panteio University, at La Verne University in Kifissia – Athens, at the private Photography schools Focus and Leica Academy and at the Moraitis and Athens College private high schools. Since 1988 he delivers intensive summer Photography seminars in islands of the Cyclades (formerly in Paros and since 2001 in Syros in fully equipped seminar rooms). Since 2001 he also delivers Film seminars in Syros each time examining the work of a specific great film director.He has organised the model Photography classes for the Popular Education Organization (1985) and taught its instructors (1985-1990). He has organised a series of television programmes on Photography for the State tv channels. He has curated more than 200 group exhibitions and one-man shows of Greek and international photographers. He has exhibited his photographs in one-man exhibitions as well as in group exhibitions. He has edited more than 70 photography publications and has written essays in numerous photography books. He is a regular contributor to a number of Greek newspapers and magazines. In 1988 he founded together with his students the Photography Circle association and also the Photochoros Publications, which have published until the present day more than sixty Photography theoretical books and albums, as well as a Photography magazine under the title Photochoros (from 1993 to 1997).

He is the author of the following titles which have been published from Photochoros Publications and are distributed by Patakis Publications: Photography (9th edition, 2005), Monologue on Photography (5th edition, 2005), Thoughts on Photography (4th edition, 2010), Introduction to Creative Photography (2001), The Obvious Charm and the Discreet Emotion of Cinema: 12 Film Directors and Their Oeuvre (2nd edition, 2008), No Interval: 13 Film Directors and Their Oeuvre (2006), Dance Photographs (1989), Ruins (1992), Light and Silence (1997), Semicolon (1998), 50 Photographs 50 Writings (2006), Photographs and Thoughts (2010), Photography in the Digital Era (2011).