Jeremy Lacombe was born in 1990 in Rodez, France and grew up in a small village called Marcillac Vallon in the South-centre of France.

He discovered marble in Tinos. His first contact with the material was with the traditional marble craft which is everywhere on the island and his second was with the people around him who have a very strong connection with this material.

He chooses to work on marble because it is a new language for him and it offers a lot of possibilities for creation. He also attended the Fine Art School of Bordeaux from where he graduated in 2015. He studied sculpture and was always interested in old craft techniques, the relation to the craft within the place and the mythology of a creation

Jeremy believes that marble is a timeless material and that it is interesting to see what it can say today.

His interest is to develop a personal approach to the craft of marble and connect it with other discoveries.

  • born in Rodez (France)
  • graduated from Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux
  • aggregation of Plastic Arts in Brussels
  • his work includes sculptures and installations
  • he lives and works on the island of Tinos, in Greece
Jeremy Lacombe at Anti Art Gallery Antiparos