Ioannis Dendrinos


Ioannis Dendrinos was born in Kalamata on 18 April 1954.

For the past 35 years, he has been living on the island of Paros. To earn his living, he works as a seasonal employee of the Archaeological Services, but he is also an extremely talented self-taught painter.

An artist of inexhaustible inspiration and imagination, Ioannis Dendrinos draws his themes from both the actual and the imaginary.

Through his works, he provides a commentary on current affairs with a sense of humor and even sarcasm; he reveals the power of his soul and conveys his messages, marked by his experience of a tough life and an abundance of emotions.

Ioannis Dendrinos has held 3 personal exhibitions (Art Gallery Café in Voula, Attica; Pontoporos Gallery in Naoussa, Paros; Municipal Art Space, Old Market, Paros).

In 2012 the artist was chosen to design the 428th cover of “Athens Voice” newspaper for its annual exhibit at the Benaki Museum.

Ioannis Dendrinos is exhibiting his works in Antiparos for the first time.


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