Achilleas Christidis


Achilleas Christidis was born in Piraeus in 1959.
He studied music and stage scenery.
In painting he is self-taught.
He lives and works in Athens.


1989 «Painting for a Table», Municipal Gallery of Athens
1991 «Greek Artists in International Centers of Fine Arts», Titanium Gallery, Athens
1993 «10 Greek Artists», Palermo, Catagne
1993 ΚΕΤΕ, Athens
1994 «The Tree», Averof Gallery, Metsovo / Municipal Gallery of Nicosia, Cyprus / Pieridis Gallery, Athens
1995 «Fishes», Averof Gallery, Metsovo / Municipal Gallery of Nicosia / Pieridis Gallery
1995 «Love and Art», Terracotta Gallery,
1995 «Absolut Cult ’95», Pieridis Gallery, Athens
1995 «Natura Mater Artis», Art Center of Eleftherias Park, Athens
1995 «Homage to the Poet Nicos Carousos», Municipal Gallery of Athens
1996 «Teachers and Students», Astrolavos Gallery, Athens / Metamorphosis Gallery, Thessalonica
1996 «Just Painting», Art Forum Vilka, Thessalonica
1996 «Greek Artists Painting Christmas», Municipal Gallery of Athens
1997 «Pornography», Babel Editions, Athens
1998 «Beyond the Beaches – Contemporary Greek Art», York City Art Gallery / Tullie House Museum, Carlisle / The Picket Gallery, London
1999 «Approaches to Greekness, Generations of the ’80s και ’90s», Municipal Gallery of Athens
1999 Salle des Chevaliers du Château de Vianden, Luxembourg
1999 «Absolut Celebration», DESTE Foundation
2011 «Greek Art»,Sem art Gallery, Monaco


1994 G. Skourtis, The cop, Livanis Editions.
1995 D. Thomas, De Sad, Govostis Editions.
1997 Α. Christidis, Portraits, Parousia Editions.
2007 Α. Christidis, Portraits, Castaniotis Editions.


1978 Piraeus Town Hall
1984 IKTINOS Gallery, Athens
1987 Medusa Gallery, Athens
1989 «F» Gallery, Athens
1991 Medusa Gallery, Athens
1992 «Europ’Art», Genève
1993 Titanium Gallery, Athens
1995 Lefor Openo, Paris
1996 Titanium Gallery, Athens
1996 Art Forum, Thessalonica
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1997 Agathi Gallery, Athens
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1998 Vilka Art Forum, Thessalonica
2000 Nees Morfes Gallery, Athens
2000 Terracotta Gallery, Thessalonica
2000 Terracotta Gallery, Art Athina 2000
2001 Bandonion, Bremen
2001 Exerevnitis Gallery, Athens
2001 Agathi Gallery, Art Athina 2001
2002 Kalfayan Gallery, Thessalonica
2003 Kalfayan Gallery, Athens
2004 Nees Morfes Gallery, Athens
2005 Apothiki Art Center, Paros
2006 Nees Morfes Gallery, Athens
2006 Tsihritzi Foundation of Fine Arts
2007 Nees Morfes Gallery, Athens
2009 Skoufa Gallery, Art Athina 2009
2009 Skoufa Gallery
2010 Art Forum, Thessalonica
2011 Theorema Gallery, Brussels
2011 Skoufa Gallery
2012 Art Forum, Thessalonica
2012 Theorema Gallery, Brussels
2013 Skoufa Gallery
2015 Anti, Antiparos
2015 Theorema Gallery, Brussels
2015 Gallery Zachariou, Athens
2015 Park Hotel, Athens
2017 Gallery Zachariou, Athens
2017 Gallery Anti, Antiparos